Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary Loans


If a patron requests a material that our library does not own and has available for circulation, we can request this material from other libraries within the state.

Making Requests:

  • A patron must have a library card prior to making an ILL request.
  • We are only able to request two materials for a patron at one time.
  • We are unable to request materials that are available at MPL but are out on loan, unless they are long overdue. (six weeks or more)
  • A patron can only request the same material twice a year. For example, if a patron requests an item they will need to wait six months after the initial request to have this item supplied again.
  • The lending library sets the date the material will be due.
  • We can request a renewal for an ILL, however, the decision is up to the lending library.
  • The fine for an overdue ILL is 0.50 per day past the due date, with no grace period.
  • A patron must have a card in good standing with no restrictions.
  • A patron is given a week to pick the material up. The material will be returned to the lender after that period.
  • We are unable to request materials that are newer than 12 months.
  • We are unable to request CDs, or films on VHS, or DVDs.

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