Young Adult October Titles

Abbott, TonyJunk Boy
Bliss, BryanThoughts and Prayers
Brewer, ZInto the Real
Brown, LisaThe Phantom Twin
Charbonneau, JoelleDisclose
Charbonneau, JoelleVerify
Chokshi, RoshaniThe Silvered Serpents
Coffindaffer, RebeccaCrown Chasers
Cohoe, SamanthaA Golden Fury
Dachez, JulieInvisible Differences
Daughtry, MikkiAll This Time
Farrow, DylanHush
Feder, TylerDancing at the Pity Party
Hughes, KikuDisplacement
Johnson, KimThis is My America
Jung, JessicaShine
Lu, MarieSkyhunter
Mejia, Tehlor KMiss Meteor
Meyer, StephenieMidnight Sun
Niven, JenniferBreathless
Reynolds, JustinEarly Departures
Sarif, ShamimThe Shadow Mission
Saunders, AshleyThe Rule of One
Saunders, AshleyThe Rule of Many
Saunders, AshleyThe Rule of All
Shippen, LaurenA Neon Darkness
Simone, FrancinaSmash It!
Stone, NicDear Justyce
Takaoka, ShannonEverything I Thought I Knew
Turner, Megan WReturn of the Thief
Walters, EricThe King of Jam Sandwiches
Williams, Alicia DGenesis Begins Again
Yang, Gene LuenDragon Hoops