Chromebook Circulation Policy


  1. Chromebooks may be borrowed for in-library use only by resident adult cardholders 18 years of age or older.  Patron must have a history of being in good standing for at least 90 days (no unpaid fines or fees, overdues, etc.)  A valid photo ID is required for checkout, and the patron must sign the Chromebook lending policy agreement. The signed agreement and a copy of their photo ID will be filed by the library, and a note will be placed on their card signifying that they signed the agreement.
  2. The patron assumes full responsibility for the cost of repair or replacement in the event that the Chromebook or its accessories are lost, stolen, or damaged.  Replacement costs will be based on the library’s reasonable assessment of the current cost for repair or replacement, and will not exceed $300, in addition to any accrued late fees.  The library will not accept a replacement device or replacement accessories in lieu of payment for a lost or damaged device or accessories. The replacement costs are as follows: Chromebook:  $275, Charger: $25.
  3. By borrowing a Chromebook for in-library use the patron implicitly agrees to the library’s Internet Use Policy.
  4. The library is not responsible for any data or content uploaded or downloaded to the device by patrons.  Any content saved to the Chromebook by the patron will automatically be wiped on logout or reboot. The patron acknowledges that the library is not responsible for a patron’s lost data.
  5. Chromebooks must be returned at the library’s circulation desk to library staff, not to a book drop.  
  6. Only one device may be checked out per patron at a time; patrons may not place holds (reserves) on the device.
  7. Chromebooks may circulate for total of 4 hours per day per person and must be returned at least 30 minutes before the library closes.  Patron must give something as collateral to library staff (Driver’s License, etc) in exchange for the Chromebook while they are using it.
  8. There is a grace period of 15 minutes after the loan has expired for a Patron to return the Chromebook. Failure to return the Chromebook after the grace period has ended will result in a fine (to be determined by CCFLS board).
  9. CCFLS reserves the right to monitor library-owned devices. This includes, but is not limited to, device usage, access logs, and Internet history.
  10. CCFLS libraries provide free wireless internet access for patrons who are using Chromebooks. CCFLS recommends that customers do not use this network for the transfer of sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or bank account numbers, even while using the encryption built into customers’ web browsers. This data would be vulnerable during transit on the network. CCFLS accepts no liability for any loss of privacy or data customers may experience.
  11. Misuse of the Chromebook or failure to comply with the Chromebook Circulation Policy may result in the loss of privileges and possible prosecution. Such misuse includes, but is not limited to, viewing material which is obscene or “harmful to minors”; using the chromebook for illegal activities; sending spam; hacking into the Library computer system or any other computer system; damaging or attempting to damage computer equipment or software; interfering with systems operations, integrity or security; gaining unauthorized access to another person’s files; sending harassing messages to other computer users; altering or attempting to alter the Library computer’s settings; and violating copyright laws and software licensing agreements. Issues and/or concerns not addressed above will be investigated on a case by case basis.