MPL Fire Update

As most of you probably know by now, the library had a fire in the boiler room on January 31st. Most of the library was undamaged but unfortunately our main electrical panels, components of our HVAC system, and phone lines are located in the boiler room and have been damaged.

We have begun the recovery process and will be closed for the time being while these critical systems are restored and the library is cleaned. However, we have been able to restore power temporarily to our server room, so we have been able to bring our catalog and website back online. If you wish to renew books through the catalog you can do so. Fines will not be charged for any of the days that we will be closed due to the fire. If you would like to return books or other materials (including dvds) you may return them in the book drop as we will be emptying it regularly.

Our phone system will be down until we are able to get the phone lines repaired. We will be posting updates of our status on our Facebook page regularly so please check there for the latest information.

Patrons Drive Update

Thank you to everyone for donating to our annual Patrons Drive, without the support of our Community, we would not have set a new record this year.

The Meadville Public Library announced the current total of the 50th annual patrons drive with a new record so far of $51,745 by 466 contributors. Mr. John Brice, executive Director, stated that “we had been waiting for the final checks to come in and we are extremely pleased that the library was able to set a new record for the Patrons Drive”.

The 50th Patrons Drive was 18% higher than the 49th Patrons Drive. “I think people gave to both support the library and to participate in the 50th year celebration. For whatever reason, in a time of stagnant public support, the library is grateful for the increase in Patron support.” Brice commented.

The fund drive which was started in 1967 is used by the library to annually raise funds for its Book and media collections. Mr. Brice stated that “All funds are used to purchase new books and materials for the library. A gift to the Patron’s Drive truly is an investment in our community.”

The library has placed a large “Thank you” sign in front of the thermometer. “We wish to extend to everyone who participated in the historic 50th Patrons Drive a hearty thank you for your generous support of the library’s mission to explore, create and share knowledge. Donations are still being accepted for the 50th Annual patrons drive until October of 2018. ” Brice concluded.