Patron’s Drive 50th Anniversary

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Library Patrons Drive & provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our history. 50 years ago, the Library faced the challenge of not having enough funding to purchase the library materials that the community desperately needed. So, the library turned to the community and began a new annual tradition, the Patrons Drive.

Over the past 50 years, the community’s response has been whole hearted, providing the Library with more than $1,500,000 worth of contributions in that span of time. Today, the Patrons Drive accounts for 50% of the Library’s annual materials budget.

Of course, 50 years ago the definition of materials was quite different from what it is today. Back in 1967, “materials” meant books & only books. Now in 2017, books are still our most popular & largest purchase, but our collection has grown to include audiobooks, eBooks, music and videos. And within the next year, we will be adding digital conversation & editing capabilities.

Through the nature of materials has changed over the decades, the need to provide them to our community continues. I hope that you will join the patrons of the past & respond with equal generosity to this year appeal.

Please donate in the knowledge that 100% of your contribution goes to the purchase of new materials.

E-book Limit Update

The Meadville Public Library is pleased to announce that patrons can now check out up to five E-books and have five E-book reserves.  John Brice Executive Director of MPL states “checking out up to five E-books at a time is a big increase from the current two book limit and has been a popular request from our patrons for some time.”

MPL can now offer additional E-Book reserves because the vendor, Overdrive, has improved its service. Thanks to the improvements MPL can  now offer to download up to five books at one time, and put up to five holds on each patron’s account.

Each month, new titles are added to Overdrive, with Fiction being the most popular E-books. There are also Non-fiction, children’s, and Young Adult E-books to choose from too. A little something for everyone. If you haven’t checked out Overdrive, please visit our website, to get signed up.