Books Ordered April 2018

| Albright, Madeleine ~ Fascism
| Auijla, Dev ~ 50 Ways to Get a Job
| Benedict, Jeff ~ Tiger Woods
| Benson, Richard ~ The Bumper Book of Sporting Wit
| Calloway, Colin ~ The Indian World of George Washington
| Carter, Jimmy ~ Faith
| Castner, Brian ~ Disappointment River
| Collins, Nina ~ What Would Virgina Woolf Do?
| Crosley, Sloane ~ Look Alive Out There
| Dimmick, Christian ~ Detox Your Home
| Ehrenreich, Barbara ~ Natural Causes
| Ehrman, Bart ~ The Triumph of Christianity
| Elad, Joel ~ Linkedin for Dummies
| Gay, Roxane ~ Not That Bad
| Huang, Yunte ~ Inseparable
| Isikoff, Michael ~ Russian Roulette
| Jamison ,Leslie ~ The Recovering
| Junor, Penny ~ The Duchess
| Lickona, Thomas ~ How To Raise Kind Kids
| McNamara, Eileen ~ Eunice: The Kennedy Who Changed the World
| Meyer, Linda ~ Great Vegan BBQ Without a Grill
| Mlodinow, Leonard ~ Elastic
| Nashawaty, Chris ~ Caddyshack
| Wamariya,Clemantine ~ Girl Who Smiled Beads
| Weiss, Piper ~ You All Grow Up and Leave Me
| Yang, Andrew ~ The War on Norman People
| Young, Damon ~ The Art of Reading
| Zielinski, Eric ~ The Healing Power of Essential Oils

The Twig is Open!

The Twig is now open! We’re located at The Parkside Commons (Old Junior High). Our hours are Monday-Thursday 9 am-6pm, Friday and Saturday 9 am-5pm. We do have a phone and the number is 814-813-1305. Patrons will be able to use public computers, print, and free Wi-Fi access. We want to thank you for your patience during this transition to the temporary location. During that time the staff moved over 26,000 books, along with shelves and furniture. Though the Twig has only a small portion of the collection, Patrons can reserve books through the on-line catalog and pick them up at the Twig.