Non-Fiction Books Ordered November 2019

|Albom Mitch~Finding Chika
|Andrews, Julie~Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years
|Brokaw, Tom~The Fall of Richard Nixon
|Bryson, Bill~The Body: A Guide for Occupants
|Clinton, Hilary~The Book of Gutsy Women
|Daniels, Anthony~I Am C-3PO
|Esty, Katharine~Eightysomethings
|Farrow, Ronan~Catch and Kill
|Flea~Acid for the Children
|Fletcher, Heather~Making Marbled Paper
|Graff, Garrett~The Only Plane in the Sky: An Oral History of 9/11
|Grayling, A.C.~The History of Philosophy
|Hartnell,Jack~Medieval Bodies
|Ivereigh, Austen~Wounded Shepherd
|John, Elton~Me
|Keith, Phil~All Blood Runs Red
|Manguel, Alberto~Fabulous Monsters
|McDiarmid, Jessica~Highway of Tears
|Miller, Chanel~Know My Name
|Muldoon, Paul~Frolic and Detour
|Rice, Susan~Tough Love
|Robinson, Mark~Sitcommentary: Television Comedies That Changed America
|Rowe, Mike~The Way I Heard It
|Shirley,Craig~Mary Ball Washington
|St. Clair, Kassia~The Golden Thread
|Sullivan, Kathryn~Handprints on Hubble
|Taylor, Alan~Thomas Jefferson’s Education
|Townsend, Camilla~Fifth Sun: A New History of the Aztecs
|Tuttle, Shea~Exactly as You Are: The Life and Faith of Mr. Rogers
|Wan, Kwoklyn~Chinese Takeout Cookbook
|Weller, Sheila~Carrie Fisher: Life on the Edge
|Woolf, John~The Wonders: The Extraordinary Circus Performers