Non-Fiction Books Ordered January 2020

|Barr, John~Start By Believing:
|Bronski, Kelli~No Gluten, No Problem Pizza
|Chambers, Cassie~Hill Women
|Daniels, Gilda~Uncounted: The Crisis of Voter Suppression in the United States
|Dawson, Kate~American Sherlock: Murder, Forensics, and the Birth of American CSI
|Fremont, Helen~The Escape Artist
|Goldstein, Darra~Beyond the North Wind: Russia I Recipes and Lore
|Hass, Robert~Summer Snow
|Hersh, Eitan~Politics Is for Power
|Hilliard, Chloe~F*ck Your Diet and Other Things My Thigh Tells Me
|Inskeep, Steve~Imperfect Union: How Jessie and John Fremont Mapped the West, Invented Celebrity, and Helped Cause the Civil War
|Isenberg, Nancy~Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr
|Kaplan, Fred~The Bomb: Presidents, Generals, and the Secret History of Nuclear War
|Koh, E.J.~The Magical Language of Others
|Lacy, Eric~Beginner’s Guide to Screen Printing: 12 Beautiful Printing Projects with Templates
|Levin, Kevin~Searching For Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth
|Lopez, Michelle~Weeknight Baking
|Marwell, David~Mengele: Unmasking the “Angel of Death”
|Maum, Courtney~Before and After the Book Deal
|Miller, Adrienne~In the Land fo Men: A Memoir
|Parker, Matt~Humble Pi: When Math Goes Wrong In the Real World
|Pittman, Craig~Cat Tale: The Wild, Weird Battle to Save the Florida Panther
|Potts, Kimberly~The Way We All Became the Brady Bunch:
|Ravitch, Diane~Slaying Goliath: The Passionate Resisance to Privatization and the Fight To Save America’s Public School
|Rogak, Lisa~Rachel Maddow: A Biography
|Smith, Kathleen~Everything Isn’t Terrible
|Taylor, Candacy~Overground Railroad
|Tjipombo, Tupa~I Am Not Your Slave
|Turk, Victoria~Kill Reply All
|Waldman, Jonathan~SAM: One Robot, a Dozen Engineers, and the Race to Revolutionize the Way We Build
|Weingarten, Gene~One Day
|Zucchino, David~Wilmington’s Lie
|~1001 Movies You Must See before You Die 8th Edtion