New Picturebook Titles for January

Barnes, DerrickI Am Every Good Thing
Barnett, MacToo Many Jacks
Barnett, MacA Polar Bear in the Snow
Bell, KristenThe World Needs More Purple People
Blackall, SophieIf You Come to Earth
Brown, Margaret WiseTwo Little Trains
Charles, TamiAll Because You Matter
Ciraolo, SimonaIf Winter Comes Tell It I’m Not Here
Clinton, ChelseaShe Persisted in Sports
Cole, HenryNesting
Cushman, AbiSoaked!
Dahl, MichaelLittle Tiger Picks Up
Hare, JohnField Trip to the Ocean Deep
James, LeBronI Promise
John, JoryThe Couch Potato
Kim, AnnaDanbi Leads the School Parade
Love, JessicaJulian at the Wedding
Lovell, PattySpeak Up Molly Lou Melon
Lyons, Kelly StarlingGoing Down Home With Daddy
Marcero, DeborahIn a Jar
McNamara, MargaretA Poem in Your Pocket
McNamara, MargaretThe Dinosaur Expert
Medina, MegEvelyn Del Rey is Moving Away
Park, Linda SueGurple and Preen
Phelan, MattTurtle Walk
Rhee, Helena KuThe Paper Kingdom
Robinson, ChristianYou Matter
Schwartz, Amy13 Stories About Harris
Shamsi-Basha, KarimThe Cat Man of Aleppo
Song, MikaDonut Feed the Squirrels
Stickley, FrancesWhat Will You Dream of Tonight
Stott, AprylShare Some Kindness, Bring Some Light
Thomas, JanThe Chicken Who Couldn’t
Thompson, AlexanderA Family For Louie
Wedelich, SamChicken Little: The Real and Totally True Tale
Wiesner, DavidRobobaby
Willems, MoI Want to Sleep Under the Stars
Wing, NatashaThe Night Before the Wedding
Wing, NatashaThe Night Before Groundhogs Day
Wing, NatashaThe Night Before the New Pet
Wing, NatashaThe Night Before Summer Camp
Wing, NatashaThe Night Before Snow Day
Wing, NatashaThe Night Before Father’s Day
Wing, NatashaThe Night Before the Tooth Fairy
Wing, NatashaThe Night Before My Dance Recital