New Children’s December Titles

Chapter Books

Anderson, John DPosted
Brallier, MaxThe Skeleton Road
Brallier, MaxJune’s Wild Flight
Carroll, RobinAt the Movies
Carroll, RobinOn the Scene
Carroll, RobinOf the Record
Carroll, RobinWithout a Trace
Carter, AimeeSimon Thorn and the Wolf’s Den
Carter, AimeeSimon Thorn and the Viper’s Pit
Carter, AimeeSimon Thorn and the Shark’s Cave
Chainani, SomanQuests for Glory
Chainani, SomanA Crystal of Time
Johnson, Terry LAvalanche!
Johnson, Terry LLost!
Johnson, Terry LDust Storm!
Lerangis, PeterThrowback
Lin, GraceMulan: Before the Sword
Lowry, LoisThe Willoughbys
Matthew, DaveIf We Were Giants
Mlynowski, SarahSeeing Red
Patterson, JamesBecoming Muhammad Ali
Pitts, AlenaHello Stars
Pitts, AlenaDay Dreams and Movie Screens
Pitts, AlenaShining Night
Riley, JamesThe Last Dragon
Riley, JamesThe Future King
Riley, JamesThe Timeless One
Rowling, JKThe Ickabog
Smith, S DThe Green Ember
Smith, S DEmber Falls
Smith, S DEmber Rising
Smith, S DEmber’s End
Taylor, ThomasMalamander
Thomas, M JThe Beginning
Thomas, M JRace to the Ark
Thomas, M JThe Great Escape
Watson, TomThe Candy Caper
Watson, TomBusted by Breakfast
Watson, TomThe Firefly Fix
Watson, TomI Can’t Feel My Feet
Graudin, RyanThe World Between Blinks


Brett, JanCozy
Cummings, TroyCan I be Your Dog?
Deenihan, JamieWhen Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree
Higgins, RyanSpring Stinks
Kalman, MairaFireboat
Kasza, KeikoSilly Goose’s Big Story
Keller, ShanaFly Firefly
Lithgow, JohnMicawber
Murray, LauraGingerbreadman on the Loose at Christmas
Noll, AmandaHey That’s My Monster
Noll, AmandaI Need My Monster
Noll, AmandaHow I Met My Monster
Orlof, KarenI Wanna Go Home
Rex, AdamMoonday
Sayres, Brianna CWhere do Speedboats Sleep at Night
Wright, MaureenShare, Big Bear, Share