March Fiction Order 2021

Ackerman, Elliot2034: A Novel of the Next World War
Alexander, TashaThe Dark Heart of Florence
Alyan, HalaThe Arsonists’ City
Banks, RussellForegone
Barry, AvaWindhall
Bauer, BelindaExit
Berry, FlynnNorthern Spy
Box, C.J.Dark Sky
Brennan, AlisonTell No Lies
Brooks, MalcolmCloudmaker
Childs, LauraHaunted Hibiscus
Coben, HarlanWin
Cussler, CliveFast Ice
Davis, SarahThe Scapegoat
Deveraux, JudeMeant To Be
Dray, StephanieThe Women of Chateau Lafayette
Ellison, J.T.Her Dark Lies
Evanovich, JanetThe Bounty
Freitas, DonnaThe Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano
Glover, NicoleThe Conductors
Graff, AndrewRaft of Stars
Graham, HeatherDanger In Numbers
Greenidge, KaitlynLibertie
Griffiths, EllyThe Postscript Murders
Harris, JoanneOrfeia
Hashimi, NadiaSparks Like Stare
Ishiguro, KazuoKlara and the Sun
Jonasson, RagnarWinterkill
Kayode, FemiLightseekers
Kelly, Martha HallSunflower Sisters
King, StephenLater
Koontz, DeanThe Other Emily
Leon, DonnaTransient Desires
Lockwood, PatriciaNo One Is Talking About This
Margolin, PhillipA Matter of Life and Death
Martine, ArkadyA Desolation Called Peace
Matheson, NadineThe Jigsaw Man
Mbue, ImboloHow Beautiful We Were
McKinlay, JenOne For the Books
Messina, Laura ImaiThe Phone Booth at the Edge of the World
Monroe, MaryMrs. Wiggins
Montgomery, JessThe Stills
Nguyen, VietThe Committed
Patterson, JamesThe Red Book
Patterson, JamesThe Palm Beach Murders
Penner, SarahThe Lost Apothecary
Quinn, KateThe Rose Code
Robinson, PeterNot Dark Yet
Rosenberg, JoelThe Beirut Protocol
Ryan, JenniferThe Kitchen Front
Scottoline, LisaEternal
Steele, DanelleThe Affair
Sten, CamillaThe Lost Village
Swanson, PeterEvery Vow You Break
Thayne, RaeAnneThe Path to Sunshine Cove
Willig, LaurenBand Of Sisters
Wilson, DianeThe Seed Keeper
Winspear, JacquelineThe Consequences of Fear
Woods, StuartDouble Jeopardy