Gift Establishes The Linda M. DeArment Preservation Fund

The Meadville Public Library announced today the establishment of the Linda M. DeArment Preservation Fund, a permanent endowment fund dedicated to the preservation, enhancement, and general upkeep of the primary library building at 848 North Main Street. The annual income from the fund will allow the library to properly plan for future maintenance and enhancements for the library.  

In the past, the library has relied on grant money and fund drives to provide the funding for maintaining and enhancing the library.  John Brice, Executive Director of the library states: “Though it is possible to raise funds using grants and gifts, it is not a reliable source of income and is dependent on the economy.  The Linda M. DeArment Preservation Fund will provide us with a reliable source of income and will make planning and implementing repairs and enhancements to the library much more consistent.”

Though the fund is named after Linda DeArment the gift came from her husband William DeArment. Mr. DeArment has stated that “I can think of no better way to honor her commitment and dedication than by creating a permanent fund that helps preserve the library.”

Linda DeArment commented on the Preservation Fund:  “The library has always been important to me, from early family visits to high school-through-college summer employment, and as an adult serving on the board. It reaches out to everyone in the Meadville area. We are fortunate to have the best guidance of John Brice and his team to continue to lead us and to try to identify our future needs. The income from this fund will help secure the physical plant, as we face the changing role of the library in our lives.”