Fiction Books Ordered November 2019

|Atkins, Ace~Robert B. Parker’s Angel Eyes
|Baldacci, David~A Minute to Midnight
|Berg, Elizabeth~The Confession Club
|Brody, Frances~The Body on the Train
|Cameron, Marc~Tom Clancy Code of Honor
|Cha, Steph~Your House Will Pay
|Chu, Wesley~Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: Typhone
|Clark, Mary Higgins~Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry
|Cornwell, Bernard~Sword of Kings
|Crichton, Michael/Wilson, Daniel~The Andromeda Evolution
|Crummey, Michael~The Innocents
|Cummins, Jeanine~American Dirt
|Cussler, Clive~Final Option
|Dietrich, Sean~Stars of Alabama
|Dovalpage, Teresa~Queen of Bones
|Evans, Richard Paul~Noel Street
|Fletcher, Jessica~A Time for Murder
|Fox, Sarah~An Ale of Two Cities
|Francis, Felix~Guilty Not Guilty
|Furst, Alan~Under Occupation
|Goldenbaum, Sally~A Murderous Tangle
|Goss, Theodora~The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl
|Hand, Elizabeth~Curious Toys
|Harris, Robert~The Second Sleep
|Hayes-McCoy, Felicity~The Mistletoe Matchmaker
|Kanon, Joseph~The Accomplice
|Mayhew, Julie~Impossible Causes
|Meier, Leslie~Invitation Only Murder
|Morgenstern, Erin~The Starless Sea
|Noble, Shelley~Tell Me No Lies
|Patterson, James~Criss Cross
|Preston, Lisa~The Clincher
|Preston, Lisa~Dead Blow
|Pufahl, Shannon~On Swift Horses
|Roberts, Nora~The Rise of Magicks
|Sexton, Margaret~The Revisioners
|Simpson, Rosemary~Death Brings a Shadow
|Smith, Martin Cruz~The Siberian Dilemma
|Steel, Danielle~Spy
|Tata, A. J.~Dark Winter
|Tata, A. J.~Double Crossfire
|Taylor, Patrick~An Irish Country Family
|Thompson, Victoria~City of Scoundrels
|Upson, Nicola~Sorry for the Dead
|Wilson, Kevin~Nothing to See Here
|Wilson, Susan~The Dog I Loved