Fiction Books Ordered March 2020

|Adler-Olsen, Jussi~Victim 2117
|Barry, Quan~We Ride Upon Sticks
|Bartz, Andrea~The Herd
|Berg, Gretchen~The Operator
|Bohjalian, Chris~The Red Lotus
|Box, C. J.~Long Range
|Boyle, William~City of Margins
|Briggs, Patricia~Smoke Bitten
|Brown, Taylor~Pride of Eden
|Bunn, T. Davis~Tranquility Falls
|Cameron, Marc~Stone Cross
|Card, Maisy~These Ghosts Are Family
|Childs, Laura~Lavender Blue Murder
|Coben, Harlen~Boy From the Woods
|Cussler, Clive~Journey of the Pharaohs
|Daugherty, Christi~Revolver Road
|Deveraux, Jude~A Forgotten Murder
|Eliasberg, Jan~Hannah’s War
|Engel, Amy~The Familiar Dark
|Enright, Anne~Actress
|Erdrich, Louise~The Night Watchman
|Ferrari, K.~Like Flies From Afar
|Fox, Candice~Gone By Midnight
|Friedman, Daniel~Running Out of Road
|Goodman, Carol~The Sea of Lost Girls
|Gowda, Shilpi Somaya~The Shape of Family
|Graham, Heather~The Final Deception
|Harris, Charlaine~Small Kingdoms and Other Stories
|Harrison, Rachel~The Return
|James, Rebecca~The Woman in the Mirror
|Jemisin, N. K.~The City We Became
|Johnstone, William~A Hill of Beans
|Joshi, Alka~The Henna Artist
|Katsu, Alma~The Deep
|Kemp, Marina~Marguerite
|Kent, Serena~Death in Avignon
|King, Lily~Writers & Lovers
|Koontz, Dean~Devoted
|Lawhon, Ariel~Code Name Helene
|Lawton, John~Hammer to Fall
|Leon, Donna~Trace Elements
|Lodge, Gytha~Watching From the Dark
|MacNeal, Susan Elia~The King’s Justice
|Mandel, Emily St. John~The Glass Hotel
|Mantel, Hilary~The Mirror & the Light
|Margolin, Phillip~A Reasonable Doubt
|May, Peter~A Silent Death
|McBride, James~Deacon King Kong
|McMahon, John~The Evil Men Do
|McMillan, Terry~It’s Not All Downhill From Here
|Michaels, Fern~Fearless
|Montimore, Margarita~Oona Out of Order
|Mullen, Caitlin~Please See Us
|Nesbit, TaraShea~Beheld
|Neubauer, Erica Ruth~Murder at the Mena House
|Nguyen, Kevin~New Waves
|Nguyen, Que Mai Phan~The Mountain Sings
|O’Connor, Carlene~Murder in an Irish Cottage
|Penman, Sharon~The Land Beyond the Sea
|Quirk, Matthew~Hour of the Assassin
|Raybourn, Deanna~A Murderous Relation
|Reichs, Kathy~The Conspiracy of Bones
|Rollins, James~The Last Odyssey
|Rosenfelt, David~The K Team
|Rosner, Jennifer~The Yellow Bird Sings
|Ruff, Matt~88 Names
|Russell, Kate~My Dark Vanessa
|Serle, Rebecca~In Five Years
|Silver, Josie~The Two Lives of Lydia Bird
|Smith, Michael Farris~Blackwood
|Steel, Danielle~The Numbers Game
|Steinhauer, Olen~The Last Tourist
|Swanson, Peter~Eight Perfect Murders
|Szymiczkowa, Maryla~Mrs. Mohr Goes Missing
|Thayne RaeAnne~The Sea Glass Cottage
|Ward, J. R.~The Sinner
|Woods, Stuart~Hit List
|Wrobel, Stephanie~Darling Rose Gold
|Zigman, Laura~Separation Anxiety