Fiction Books Ordered January 2020

|Adams, Ellery~The Book of Candlelight
|Alexander, Tasha~In the Shadow of Vesuvius
|Allende, Isabel~A Long Petal of the Sea
|Angelo, Megan~Followers
|Appelfeld, Aharon~To the Edge of Sorrow
|Bailey, Tessa~Love Her or Lose Her
|Benedict, Marie~Lady Clementine
|Black, Benjamin~The Secret Guests
|Carr, Robyn~The Country Guesthouse
|Chamberlain, Diane~Big Lies in a Small Town
|Chen, Mike~A Beginning at the End
|Cogman, Geneive~The Secret Chapter
|Colfer, Eoin~Highfire
|Connolly, Sheila~The Lost Traveller
|Connolly, Sheila~Fatal Roots
|Delany, Vicki~There’s a Murder Afoot
|Dundas, Chad~The Blaze
|Dunnett, Kaitlyn~A View to a Kilt
|Ellison, J. T.~Good Girls Lie
|Elon, Emuna~House on Endless Waters
|Engberg, Katrine~The Tenant
|Fellows, Jessica~The Mitford Scandal
|Fleischmann, Raymond~How Quickly She Disappears
|Furlong, Susan~Shattered Justice
|Geddes, Luke~Heart of Junk
|Gibson, William~Agency
|Gilbert, Victoria~Bound for Murder
|Goodkind, Terry~Heart of Black Ice
|Grant, Andrew~Too Close to Home
|Gray, Shelley Shepard~The Protective One
|Harris, Charlaine~A Longer Fall
|Hauty, Chris~Deep State
|Hurston, Zora Neale~Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick: Stories From the Harlem Renaissance
|Hurwitz, Gregg~Into the Fire
|Ide, Joe~Hi Five
|Jimenez, Simon~The Vanished Birds
|Jin, Meng~Little Gods
|Jones, Tanen~A Better Liar
|Karlsson, Jonas~The Circus
|Kelly, Julia~The Whispers of War
|Kling, Marc-Uwe~Qualityland
|Luna, Louisa~The Janes
|Lunde, Maja~The End of the Ocean
|MacDonald, Andrew David~When We Were Vikings
|MacRae, Molly~Thistles and Thieves
|May, James L.~The Body Outside the Kremlin
|McCormick, Chris~The Gimmicks
|McGuire, Seanan~Come Tumbling Down
|Melinek, Judy~First Cut
|Montgomery, Jess~The Hollows
|Moore, Liz~Long Bright River
|Napolitano, Ann~Dear Edward
|Noblin, Annie England~St. Francis Society for Wayward Pets
|Patterson, James~The River Murders
|Perry, Thomas~A Small Town
|Quartey, Kwei~The Missing American
|Rainsford, Sue~Follow Me to Ground
|Robinson, Peter~Many Rivers to Cross
|Rose, M. J.~Cartier’s Hope
|Rowland, Laura Joh~The Hangman’s Secret
|Rowland, Laura Joh~The Woman in the Veil
|Salvatore, R. A.~Song of the Risen God
|Shalvis, Jill~Almost Just Friends
|Spindler, Erica~The Look-Alike
|Stabenow, Dana~No Fixed Line
|Steadman, Catherine~Mr. Nobody
|Stevens, Taylor~Liars’ Legacy
|Thynne, Jane~The Words I Never Wrote
|Tudor, C. J.~The Other People
|Turner, Nancy E.~Light Changes Everything
|White Christian~The Wife and the Widow
|Wilde, Rosalind~And Dangerous to Know
|Williams, Beatriz et al~All the Ways We Said Goodbye
|Yoon, Paul~Run Me to Earth
|Yu, Charles~Interior Chinatown