Fiction Books order August 2020

Abbott, JeffNever Ask Me                                                                                     
Bowen, RhysThe Last Mrs. Summers
Brown, SandraThick As Thieves
Butcher, JimPeace Talks
Campbell, LisbethThe Vanished
Carr, JackSavage Son
Center, KatherineWhat You Wish For
Cesare, AdamClown in a Cornfield
Coulter, CatherineDeadlock
Delaney, J.P.Playing Nice
Doiron, PaulOne Last Lie
Donogue, EmmaThe Pull of the Stars
Ellis, LindseyAxiom’s End
Fram, JohnThe Brightlands
Galligan, JohnDead Man Dancing
Gilbert, VictoriaBooked For Death
Graham, HeatherDeadly Touch
Griffins, EllyThe Lantern Men
Harmel, KristinThe Book of Lost Names
Hiaasen,CarlSqueeze Me
Jonasson, RagnarThe Mist
Jones, StephenThe Only Good Indians
Kwan, KevinSex and Vanity
Lacey, CatherinePew
Läckberg, CamillaThe Golden Cage
Lansdale, JoeMore Better Deals
Lapena, ShariThe End of Her
Macomber, DebbieA Walk Along the Beach
Miranda, MeganThe Girl From the Widow Hills
Mitchell, DavidUtopia Avenue
Montclair, AllisonA Royal Affair
Moreno-Garcia, SilviaMexican Gothic
Paris, B.A.The Dilemma
Parker, T. JeffersonThen She Vanished
Patterson, JamesCajun Justice
Patterson, James1st Case
Riley, VanessaA Duke, The Lady, and A Baby
Robards, KarenThe Black Swan of Paris
Rooney, KathleenCher Ami and Major Whittlesey
Silva, DanielThe Order
Thor, BradNear Dark
Wiggs, SusanThe Lost and Found Bookshop