February Children’s Picturebook Titles

Arnold, ElenaAn Ordinary Day
Barrett, HayleyGirl Versus Squirrel
Bernstrom, DanielBig Papa and the Time Machine
Bissonette, AimeeWhen Winter Comes
Cotler, JoannaSorry (Really Sorry)
Dahl, SophieMadame Badobedah
Dairman, TaraDesert Girl, Monsoon Boy
Derby, CindyTwo Many Birds
Doyon, SamaraMagnificent: Homespun Brown
Dubuc, MarianneYour House/My House
Fogliano, JuliaMy Best Friend
Grimes, NikkiBedtime for Sweet Creatures
Hale, ChristyOut the Door
Haughton, ChrisDon’t Worry Little Crab
Heras, ChemaGrandparents
Ho, JoannaEyes that Kiss in the Corners
Hunter, AnneWhere’s Baby
Junior, OtavioFrom My Window
Khan, HenaLike the Moon Loves the Sky
Klein, Cheryl BA Year of Everday Wonders
Kramer, Jackie AThe Boy and the Gorilla
LaRochelle, DavidSee the Cat: Three Stories About a DogGeisel Award 2021
Lendler, IanEverything Naomi Loved
Lindstrom, CaroleWe Are Water ProtectorsCaldecott Award 2021
Lo, RichardAfter the Snowfall
Lyons, Kelly STy’s Travels: Zip, Zoom!
Marroquin, M.L.My Hair is Magic
McBratney, SamWill You Be My Friend
Murphy, Aunty JoyBerrarung Wilam
Murphy, MaryOnly a Tree Knows How to be a Tree
Neilson, EmilyCan I Give You a Squish
Nilsson, UlfAll the Dear Little Animals
Nyong’o, LupitaSulwe
Osada, HiroshiEvery Color of Light
Oswald, PeteHike
Pinkney, JerryThe Little Mermaid
Raschka, ChrisThe Blue Table
Raul the ThirdVamos! Let’s Go EatBelpre Award 2021
Say, AllenAlmond
Schmidt, GaryAlmost Time
Scott, JordanI Talk Like a River
Tabor, CoreySnail Crossing
Tatsukawa, MayaThe Bear in My Family
Theule, LarissaA Way With Wild Things
Underwood, DeborahOutside In
Voake, CharlotteSome Dinosaurs are Small
Woodruff, LizaOnce Upon a Winter Day
Yee, SenahMy Day with Gong Gong
ZosienkaThe Moon Keeper