Meadville Public Library is a community hub, responding to the needs of our neighbors by providing services, resources, and programs for all.

Since 1967, our annual Patron's Drive has raised funds to purchase new materials and resources for the library. This fundraiser plays an important role in the continued success of the library and our ability to continue providing services to our community.

55th Annual Patrons Drive

Dear Friend,

In a society where everything costs something, a public library is more than just a place to find information or entertainment: a public library is an essential freedom. Its existence fills the growing gap in public resources, providing a free space for education, exploration, and community development. A library represents an accessible hub that connects all of our users with resources from Meadville and beyond.

In the past year, we have worked to build safe spaces for teens, foster relationships with community partners, and provide programs that let folks of all ages gather and engage with their library. Our mission is to have something for everyone who walks through our doors. In the coming year, we want to build on the progress we’ve made, through tutoring programs, technology and resume workshops, volunteer opportunities, and partnerships with other community nonprofits.

As we adapt to the rapidly shifting needs in our community, we hope easier access to what their public library offers can encourage more patrons, both old and new, to take advantage of everything we have to provide. And it is the continued support of our Patrons that make all of these resources a reality. Your donations are what help us achieve these goals, forming bonds across our community and supporting services that meet the needs of the many people who use the Meadville Public Library.

Teresa Roland
Board President