Children’s November Titles

Agee, JohnThe Wall in the Middle of the Book
Deedy, CarmenThe Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet
DiPucchio, KellyHow to Grow Happiness
Hare, JohnField Trip to the Moon
Keller, LauriePotato Pants
London, JonathanFroggy’s Best Christmas
Meddour, WendyGrandpa’s Top Threes
Morris, Richard TBear Came Along
Thomas, JanA Birthday for Cow
Van Dusen, ChrisIf I Built a House
Van Dusen, ChrisIf I Built a Car
Van Dusen, ChrisIf I Built a School
Van Dusen, ChrisA Camping Spree with Mr. Magee
Van Dusen, ChrisLearning to Ski with Mr. Magee
Wallace, AdamHow to Catch a Turkey
Wallace, AdamHow to Catch an Elf
Wallace, AdamHow to Catch the Easter Bunny
Wallace, AdamHow to Catch a Unicorn
Wilson, KarmaBear Says Thanks


Aster, AlexCurse of the Night Witch
Barron, RenaMaya and the Rising Dark
Chapman, LindaMirror Magic
Chapman, LindaSecret Spell
Colfer, EoinDeny All Charges
Creech, SharonOne Time
Currie, LindsayScritch Scratch
de la Cruz, MelissaNever After: The Thirteenth Fairy
DiTerlizzi, TonyKenny and the Book of Beasts
Dixon, FranklinThe Great Airport Mystery
Dixon, FranklinThe Flickering Torch Mystery
Falligant, ErinJoss: Touch the Sky
Favilli,ElenaGood Night Stories for Rebel Girls
Flanagan, JohnA New Beginning (Paperback for 1st)
Flanagan, JohnThe Missing Prince
Forsythe, MatthewPokko and the Drum
Glaser, Karina YThe Vanderbeekers: Lost and Found
Grabenstein, ChrisShine!
Grabenstein, ChrisMr. Lemoncello’s All-Star Breakout Game
Harris, Neil PThe Fourth Suit
Hernandez, CarlosSal and Gabi Fix the Universe
Hunter, ErinDarkness Within
Hunter, ErinThe Veil of Shadows
Hunter, ErinForest of Secrets
Hunter, ErinCrooked Star’s Promise
Jackson, Linda WMidnight Without a Moon
Kinney, JeffRowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure
Kinney, JeffThe Deep End
Lee, JulieBrother’s Keeper
McMann, LisaDragon Slayers (#6)
Mlynowski, SarahSpill the Beans
Mlynowski, SarahAbby in Oz
Mlynowski, SarahGood as Gold
Mlynowski, SarahTwo Peas in a Pod
Nielsen, JenniferA Night Divided
Oppel, KennethInkling
Reynolds, JasonLu
Reynolds, JasonSunny
Reynolds, JasonPatina
Reynolds, JasonGhost
Rue, NancyMeet Sophie
Rue, NancyFriendship Fiasco
Rue, NancySophie’s Drama
Schrefer, EliotThe Popper Penguin Rescue
Swore, WendyThe Wish and the Peacock
West, TraceyFortress of the Stone Dragon
West, TraceyCall of the Sound Dragon
West, TraceyFuture of the Time Dragon


Barnett, MacThe Important Thing About Margaret Wise Brown
Dougherty, RachelSecret Engineer
Hunter, ErinSkyclan and the Strangers
Kusaka, HidenoriPokemon Adventures Vol. 2
Kusaka, HidenoriPokemon Adventures Vol. 3