Children’s Fiction October Titles

Anderson, Jon DOne Last Shot
AviGold Rush Girl
Beasley, CassieThe Bootlace Magician
Bradley, Kimberly BFighting Words
Carter, CaelaHow to be a Girl in the World
Cervantes, JCShadow Crosser
Chapman, LindaHidden Charm
Chapman, LindaWish Trap
Choldenko, GenniferOrphan Eleven
Clark, HenryWhat We Found in the Corn Maze
Clements, AndrewJanitor’s Boy
De Saint-Exupery, AntoineThe Little Prince Family Storybook
DiCamillo, KateStella Endicott and the Anything is Possible Poem
Falligant, ErinJoss
Flanagan, JohnReturn to the Temujai
Frost, HelenAll He Knew
Gibbs, StuartSpy School Revolution
Giff, Patricia RA Slip of a Girl
Grabenstein, ChrisMr Lemoncello and the Titanium Ticket
Hunter, ErinOathkeeper
Hunter, ErinGraystripe’s Vow
Hunter, ErinA Shadow in Riverclan
James, AnnaThe Bookwanderers
James, AnnaThe Lost Fairytales
Jamieson, VictoriaWhen Stars Are Scattered
Kadohata, CynthiaSaucy
Kelly, Erin EWe Dream of Space
Lowry, LoisOn the Horizon
McMann, LisaDragon Curse (#4)
McMann, LisaDragon Fire (#5)
Nayeri, DanielEverything Sad is Untrue
Nielsen, JenniferThe Captive Kingdom
Oliver, LaurenMagnificent Monsters of Cedar Street
Park, Linda SuePrairie Lotus
Stead, RebeccaThe List of Things That Will Not Change
Voigt, CynthiaLittle Bird
Woodson, JacquelineBefore the Ever After