Brick Building Challenge

Hey everyone! Look out! Our librarian Ms. Susan is making waves in her little speed boat. It’s summertime and some of you might be thinking about fun and adventure on a river, a lake or ocean. For the next two weeks, I’m giving you a brick building task. Build a boat! You may use Lego, wood or plastic blocks, Kapla or similar planks, or perhaps another building toy you may have. The variety of different boats is amazingly large. Perhaps you like fishing boats or tug boats, cargo ships, military ships, tall ships, or canoes. The choice is up to you. If you wish, send us a Facebook message when your boat is complete and we’ll post it on this blog the Meadville Public Library Facebook page.


From Mr. Steve

Here are some book titles to inspire you:

Boating by Klein, Adam G.,

The Ultimate LEGO Book by David Pickering, Nick Trupin and Caryn Janner, editors.

LEGO play book : ideas to bring your bricks to life by Daniel Lipkowitz.

Rescue boat by Oxlade, Chris.

Ships by Adamson, Thomas K.,

Water, paddles & boats by Pam Robson.

Continue searching our online catalog for more books and place them on hold for curb-side pick up if you wish. Parents if you choose to send a picture, please include your child’s first name only and the type of boat they chose to build.