Downloading eBooks from Project Gutenberg for Nook & Kindle

Attach the USB cord to your computer and Nook or Kindle.

Go to

Enter any other search terms you desire, and click the Search button.

Select an ebook from the search results and click on the title.

Under “Download This eBook” and “Format”, choose the correct format for your device.

For Nook – Use the “EPUB” format.

For Kindle – Use the “Kindle” format.

If your search does not include the correct format, you may need to search for another copy of your selection. This may be done by going to the Project Gutenberg “Main Page” found in the upper left hand corner. Type the title of your selection into “search book catalog” to see if another copy is available in the correct format. Click on the title, choose your format and continue.

A window will pop up with – “Save file” – click “OK”. This will save your selection to your computer and can now be transferred to your Nook or Kindle.

Minimize all windows.

Click on the Nook or Kindle icon found on the desktop or under “My Computer”.

A window will open with file choices:

For Nook – Click on “My Files” and then on “Books” to open. The “Books” folder will contain a list of all ebooks currently on your eReader.

For Kindle – Click on the “Documents” folder to open. This folder will contain a list of all ebooks currently on your eReader.

Find your new selection on your desktop or in the “My Documents” folder. Drag your new ebook selection into the “Books” or “Documents” folder. This folder will still be minimized at the bottom of your computer screen and you should be able to drag and drop your selection into this folder without opening the window again.

Close all windows and find the Nook or Kindle icon again.

Right click and from the dropdown menu select “Safely Remove Drive” or “Eject”. The Nook or Kindle icon will disappear and your new ebook will be listed on the screen. You may safely unplug your eReader from the computer and enjoy your new ebook.