Media Lab Policy


Equipment in the mediaLAB is available at no charge to library card holders, on a first come, first served basis during regular library hours.

Specific equipment may be reserved for projects at the discretion of staff. The Lab closes 30 minutes before MPL closes. All work must be completed at that time.

Projects cannot be left running or suspended while MPL is closed. MPL assumes no responsibility for projects that are unable to be completed within this time frame.

Patrons are responsible for backing up and storing all of their projects as well as use and material costs associated with any projects.

  • Before using Media Lab equipment, the user must complete and sign an agreement form and verify their library card account is active and in good standing.
  • The user must check in with staff members before using any equipment, and must comply with any and all directions or training given by staff as well as with all safety, Library Code of Conduct, and Media Lab guidelines.
  • Minors are the complete responsibility of their adult parent/guardian/caregiver and the adult assumes full and complete responsibility for the minor, including damage done by the minor to equipment and harm befalling the minor due to operating the equipment. Due to safety concerns, minors may not be allowed to operate certain types of equipment that the Media Lab offers or may later acquire. Minors age 15 or older may use the Media Lab without parent/guardian supervision if they have an agreement form on file with their parent/guardian’s signature. Minors under the age of 15 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times and may not independently operate any equipment.
  • The user agrees that the Library is not responsible for any equipment defects or resulting product defects.
  • The user agrees to notify the Library of any equipment damage or malfunctions immediately, as well as any injuries or accidents to the user or other users.
  • The user agrees to follow all Library policies relating to reserving equipment and/or the use of one machine/piece of equipment at a time.
  • The user agrees to comply with any time limitations put in place by the Library.
  • The user agrees to pay for any consumable material used, in compliance with the Library’s established fees.
  • The Library is not responsible for any equipment, supplies, or materials brought in or provided by the user.
  • The user agrees to return any equipment borrowed or used in the same condition it was received. Users may be held liable and charged for any damage to equipment, beyond normal wear and tear. Users will be charged for any damage to equipment or the work space, including viruses or other damages to Library computers or electronic equipment as a result of the user attaching or plugging in their own equipment.
  • The user must clean their work space when done and inform staff if this cannot be done.
  • Use of equipment for any illegal activity is prohibited. The user agrees to follow all applicable laws, statutes, and codes related to copyright infringement and intellectual property. The user is solely responsible for any items created. The creation, manufacture, and/or production of dangerous or illegal weapons or items is prohibited.
  • Violation of any policy or guideline may result in the suspension of the user’s ability to use the Media Lab and/or the Meadville Public Library.