Internet Usage Policy


Meadville Public Library (MPL) is committed to providing free and open access to informational, educational, recreational and cultural resources for Library users of all ages and backgrounds. MPL will provide its customers equal access to all formats of information.

Provision of access to the Internet does not mean or imply that the Library endorses or sanctions the content or point of view of any of the information or commentary found on the Internet. The Internet is an unregulated medium. Library staff cannot control access to points, which often change rapidly and unpredictably. Accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of information found on the Internet vary widely. The Internet does contain material of a controversial nature. Some information accessed electronically on the Internet may not meet the criteria in the Library’s Collection Development Policy. Users must use critical judgment in relying on information found on the Internet and to determine what information is appropriate to their needs.

The Library provides access to Internet resources equally to all Library users and upholds and affirms the right of each individual to have access to constitutionally protected material.


1. The Meadville Public Library makes available to member of the community free access to the Internet. This service may be based on demand for the limited supply of Internet stations. The service is limited to forty-five minutes per day per person. A valid CCFLS Library Card is required to sign on to the computers. Guest accounts are available for a small fee for occasional use by out-of-state visitors.

2. There is a limit of one person per workstation except for the stations in the Children’s Room which can accommodate a maximum of two people.

3. There are printing charges. Users consent to the fee at login and must pay for all pages printed.

4. The Library staff has limited time to help users with basic computer questions or with Internet access.

5. The Meadville Public Library reserves the right to use filtering software to prohibit access to websites that are known to contain information that is “harmful to minors”. In compliance with Criminal Code, 18 Pa C. 5903, no Library computer may be used to view a web site that is depicting or discussing information that is “harmful to minors”.

6. It is the responsibility of parents or legal guardians, not the Library staff, to monitor their children’s use of the Internet and for the information selected and/or accessed by their children.

7. Misuse of the computer, including customers’ laptops using MPL’s wireless access, will result in the loss of computer privileges and possible prosecution. Such misuse includes, but is not limited to, viewing material which is obscene or “harmful to minors”; using the computer for illegal activities; sending spam; hacking into the Library computer system or any other computer system; damaging or attempting to damage computer equipment or software; interfering with systems operations, integrity or security; gaining unauthorized access to another person’s files; sending harassing messages to other computer users; altering or attempting to alter the Library computer’s settings; and violating copyright laws and software licensing agreements. Issues and/or concerns not addressed above will be investigated on a case by case basis.

8. Free wireless Internet access for customers who bring their own laptops with wireless cards is offered. Meadville Public Library’s free wireless network is not a secure network. We recommend that customers do not use this network for the transfer of sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or bank account numbers, even while using the encryption built into customers’ web browsers. This data would be vulnerable during transit on the network. Meadville Public Library accepts no liability for any loss of privacy or data customers may experience.