Patrons Drive

Dear Friend,

“The Library is free, it is yours, it will continue its excellent work year after year.” These words are as true today as they were when they were spoken in 1925 at the dedication of our library building. What started out 90 years ago as a collection of 10,000 books has now grown to encompass nearly 100,000 items. And while the beautiful brick exterior of our building remains unchanged, our offerings have expanded and kept up with the times.

No one could have imagined in 1925 that these walls would eventually contain not only collections of books, but also books on CD, DVDs, computers and wi-fi access. Yet as the cost of books and demand for services increase, state funding has decreased. While you may have heard that increased funding for public education is at the forefront of Pennsylvania budget debates, the sad fact is that there are no plans for increasing funding for public libraries. In fact, our current state funding is significantly less than that received 10 years ago. We are thus faced with the dual challenges of higher book prices and reductions in our state aid.

Now more than ever, your contribution is needed to help us remain a vital institution in our community for the next 90 years and beyond. Please help us maintain our tradition of excellence by giving generously to the Meadville Public Library’s 48th Annual Patrons Drive. Thank you so much for your support.


Kenneth A. Lindberg
Board President

P.S. Your gift is an investment that will allow us to continue to offer a quality collection to the public. All donations will be used to purchase new materials for the library collection.

Please complete this form and include it with your donation: Patrons Drive Form