Books Ordered November 2018

| Beard, Richard ~ The Day That Went Missing
| Beschloss, Michael ~ Presidents of War
| Brottman, Mikita ~ An Unexplained Death: The True Story of a Body at the Belvedere
| Brown, Brene ~ Dare To Lead
| Daniels, Charlie ~ Let’s All Make the Day Count: The Everyday Wisdom of Charlie Daniels
| Davis, Bridgett ~ The World According To Fannie Davis
| Dunn, Robb ~ Never Home Alone
| Freuman, Tamara ~ The Bloated Belly Whisperer
| Gaines, Joanna ~ Homebody
| Graeber, Charles ~ The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer
| Griffin, Mark ~ All That Heaven Allows
| Hansell, Tom ~ After Coal: Stories of Survival in Appalachia and Wales
| Harrison, Scott ~ Thirst
| Hart, Tom ~ The Art of the Graphic Memoir: Tell Your Story, Tell Your Life
| Hawking, Stephen ~ Brief Answers To the Big Questions
| Johnson, Spencer ~ Out of the Maze: An Amazing Way to Get Unstuck
| Lamott, Anne ~ Almost Everything
| Lewis, Michael ~ The Fifth Risk
| MacPhee, Ross ~ End of the Megafauna: The Fate of the World’s Hugest, Fiercest, and Strangest Animals
| Norman, Philip ~ Slowhand: The Life and Music of Eric Clapton
| O’Reilly, Bill ~ Killing the SS
| Orlean, Susan ~ The Library Book
| Sasse, Ben ~ Them
| Server, Lee ~ Handsome Johnny: The Life and Death of Johnny Rosselli: Gentleman Gangster, Hollywood Producer, CIA Assassin
| Toibin, Colm ~ Mad, Bad, Dangerous To Know
| Traister, Rebecca ~ Good and Mad
| Vlock, Deborah ~ Parenting Children with Mental Health Challenges