Circulation Policy

We hope you will use your library card often. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

LIBRARY CARD: Bring your card with you when you want to check out materials. It makes it easier for us to help you. If you have forgotten your card, we can check items out to you if you have a valid ID.

LOAN PERIODS: All materials, except videos, may be checked out for two weeks at a time. (See video policy)

GRACE PERIOD: There is a five business day grace period for all materials except videos, toys, Playaway Views, and Interlibrary Loan items.

RENEWALS: Library materials, except videos and toys, may be renewed twice. No item on reserve may be renewed. Renewals can be made either in person at the library or over the phone.

RESERVES: Materials owned by the Library, except videos and toys, may be reserved. We will mail you a card to notify you when the material is available. The cost for reserves is $1.  You can avoid this charge if you have your account set up to email you notifications.  See one of the circulation desks to set up this notification.

BOOK RETURN: All materials, except videos & DVDs and Playaway or Playaway View devices, may be returned to the book drop in front of the Library. There is a $1 charge for each of these items returned in the book drop due to possible damage. We encourage you to return materials inside when the Library is open, to help reduce wear and tear.

Video/DVD/Playaway View Policy
Limit: Four
Loan Period: Four days. No renewals.
Fines: $1 per calendar day per video, DVD, or Playaway View.
There is a $1 charge per video, DVD, or Playaway View left in the drop box.

Toy Policy
Loan Period: Two weeks. No renewals.
Fines: 20 cents per calendar day per toy.

REPLACEMENT CARDS: If your card has been lost or stolen, you may purchase a replacement. All fines must be paid, and all materials returned before a new card will be issued. Cost for a new card is $3 for an adult card, $1 for a children’s card.

LIABILITY: The Library is not liable for equipment damage that may occur while using Library-owned cassettes, CD’s, videos or diskettes.

PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS: Video cassettes marked “Public Performance Rights” may be used in public group showings where no admission is charged. All other videos are restricted to private home viewing.

REPLACEMENT CHARGES: The fees for lost, damaged or missing Library materials are: bag or cassette case, $2; material barcode, $3; pamphlet, 50 cents. The fee for a book, CD, cassette, video, toy or periodical is the replacement cost of the item.

Fine Schedule
(per calendar day)

Adult Materials 20 cents
Children’s Materials 20 cents
Videos $1
Toys 20 cents
Interlibrary Loan 25 cents
Maximum Fine (except DVDs/Videos) $5
Pamphlet file maximum 50 cents