Other Open Source Software:

by Cindy Murdock

LearningAccessILS: An open source circ system.


Star Office: An office suite similar to MS Office.

Note: It appears that the next version of Star Office will be called Open Office (www.openoffice.org)

The Gimp: A graphics program on par with Photoshop.

There are also some great tutorials available at the Gimp Users Group website: gug.sunsite.dk

SIPS: A weblog that uses PHP. With a little modification it can be made into a Library News site or somesuch--see an example at www.ccfls.org/news.


Amanda: A tape backup utility.


AbiWord: A word processing program.


Resources for Finding Applications:

SourceForge: sourceforge.net

A repository of open source projects. If there's a type of software you want, you can probably find it here.

RPMFind: rpmfind.net

Find RPM packages for many different linux distributions here.

KDE Apps: apps.kde.com

Applications especially for the KDE window manager.

Cnet.com: download.cnet.com

You can search specifically for linux applications here.