Commonwealth Libraries, in conjunction with HSLC/Access PA, the POWER Library and ProQuest, just announced that SIRS Discoverer, an award-winning general reference resource for beginning learners and researchers in grades 1-9, is once again part of the POWER Library suite of Databases and resources, beginning today, October 8, 2010 and continuing through the end of December, 2011 (i.e. for the next 15 months.)

SIRS Discoverer includes carefully selected full-text articles and images from more than 1,900 domestic and international newspapers, magazines, and government documents, along with 9,000+ educational weblinks via the integrated Discoverer WebFind content set. And, more than 29,000 graphics, photos, maps, and charts are available.

Discoverer also offers supplemental curriculum and learning materials, including an educator’s guide, middle- and elementary-level student workbooks, citation guidelines, research strategy worksheets, and more. To access SIRS Discoverer, click the POWER Library button on the left-hand column of our page. If you’re in the library, no authentication is needed. If you’re using POWER Library from outside the library building (or on our wireless connection) you’ll be asked to log in with the POWER code from your library card plus your 8-digit library card number.

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