Meadville Public Library will host an all day event this Saturday, October 24th, celebrating the Federal Writers Project of the 1930′s. Linda Bills, director of Pelletier Library at Allegheny College received an N.E.H. Grant to do the program “Soul of a People: The Federal Writers Project.” One aspect of the grant is a community celebration involving organizations outside the college.

Events include:

  • an exhibit of clothes from the 1930′s from the Baldwin-Reynolds House Museum, in the Fiction Department. There will also be a selection of hats popular in the 30′s for people to try on.
  • 1930′s movie clips will be running in the Children’s Room theater.
  • Children’s board games from the 30′s will be featured in the Children’s Room, including Monopoly & Scrabble. Outdoor games will be featured in the side yard of the library, weather permitting. There will also be a “guess the hobo signs” game.
  • The Main Floor will feature 1930′s radio programs and an exhibit on the Federal Writer’s Project. If there are volunteers, exhibits on local organizations and businesses in the 30′s will be featured as well.

For more info on the Soul of the People grant program:

Wikipedia page on the Federal Writer’s Project:’_Project

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