SPRING USED BOOK SALE THIS WEEK! At the Helene Barco-Duratz Cultural Center located at 411 Chestnut St. *Thursday, April 27th 9:30am-5pm *Friday, April 28th 9:30am-5pm *Saturday, April 29th 9:30am-2:30pm SATURDAY IS BAG DAY! Pay $2 per bag & $3 per box! Sponsored by the Friends of the Meadville Public Library

New Ongoing Book Sale Items

The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly $3.00 The Crossing by Michael Connelly $3.00 Voice of Valor by Douglas Brinkley and Ronald J. Drez $3.50 The American Sign Language Directory by Peter Adams $4.00 The Dog Lived (and So Will I) by Teresa J. Rhyne $3.00