February 2014 Fiction Books

Alcott, Kate — The Daring Ladies of Lowell Baggott, Julianna — Burn Ballard, Mignon — Miss Dimple Picks a Peck of Trouble Beaton, M. C. — Death of a Policeman Berenson, Alex — The Counterfeit Agent Bingham, Harry — Love Story, With Murders Brekke, Jorgen — Where Monsters Dwell Brett, Simon — The Strangling on the Stage Brockmann, Suzanne — Do or Die Brody, Frances — Murder in the Afternoon Buckley, Carla — The Deepest Secret Cash, Wiley — This Dark Road to Mercy Charyn, Read More +

March 2014 Fiction Books

Ackroyd, Peter — Three Brothers Archer, Jeffrey — Be Careful What You Wish For Bayard, Louis — Roosevelt’s Beast Bishop, Anne — Murder of Crows Black, Benjamin — The Black-Eyed Blonde Black, Cara — Murder in Pigalle Bowen, Rhys — City of Darkness and Light Box, C. J. — Stone Cold Brackston, Paula — The Midnight Witch Brennan, Allison — Notorious Briggs, Patricia — Night Broken Brooks, Terry — The High Druid’s Blade Butler, Nickolas — Shotgun Lovesongs Calhoun, Kenneth — Black Moon Campbell, Rick Read More +

April 2014 Non-fiction Books

Alpert, Karen — I Heart My Little A-Holes Beam, Alex — American Crucifixion Brown, Frederick —  The Embrace of Unreason Carter, Jimmy — A Call to Action Duberman, Martin — Hold Tight Gently Ehrenreich, Barbara — Living with a Wild God Franks, Jo —  Lobster Tail Greats Gand, Gale — Gale Gand’s Lunch Hall, Carla — Carla’s Comfort Foods Harris, Dan — 10% Happier Hoare, Philip — The Sea Inside Huhn, Rick — The Chalmers Race Kaminsky, Peter — The Essential New York Times Grilling Read More +

March 2014 Non-fiction Books

Decoding Your Dog Where the Locals Go Allen, Jonathan — HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth … Bailey, Blake — The Splendid Things We Planned Balzer, Julie — Carve Stamp Play Barry, Dave — You Can Date Boys When You’re Forty Bauer, Shane — A Sliver of Light Bennett, Jeffrey — What is Relativity? Bloom, Patience — Romance is My Day Job Blum, Howard — Dark Invasion: 1915 … Booth, Michael — Eating Dangerously: Why the … Braun, Adam — The Promise of a Pencil Read More +

February 2014 Non-fiction Books

CLEP Official Study Guide 2014 Cracking the GMAT Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014 New GED Test Strategies, Practice, and Review Aitken, Jonathan — Margaret Thatcher: Power and … Antonetta, Susanne — Make Me a Mother Ballantyne, Sarah — The Paleo Approach Beckman, John — American Fun: Four Centuries … Brockman, John (Editor) — What Should We Be Worried About? Carville, James — Love & War: Twenty Years … Cooper, Christopher — Our Sun: Biography of a Star Cramer, James — Jim Cramer’s Get Rich Read More +