May 2014 Fiction Books

| Atkins, Ace – Robert B. Parker’s Cheap Shot | Barry, Sebastian – The Temporary Gentleman | Berry, Steve – The Lincoln Myth | Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda – Bittersweet | Bird, Sarah – Above the East China Sea | Block, Lawrence – Borderline | Britain, Kristen – Mirror Sight | Brown, Dale – Starfire | Butcher, Jim – Skin Game | Cannell, Dorothy – Murder at Mullings: A 1930s Country House Murder Mystery | Cargill, C. Robert – Queen of the Dark Things | Clarke, Richard Read More +

April 2014 Fiction Books

| Albert, Susan Wittig – Death Come Quickly | Allan, Barbara – Antiques Con | Alpert, Mark – The Furies | Atherton, Nancy – Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well | Baldacci, David – The Target | Barr, Nevada – Destroyer Angel | Bell, Ted – Warriors | Benford, Gregory – Shipstar | Binchy, Maeve – Chestnut Street | Bova, Ben – Transhuman | Bradford, Barbara – Cavendon Hall | Cassella, Carol – Gemini | Cherryh, C. J. – Peacemaker | Clark, Mary Higgins – Read More +

On-going Book Sale

In addition to the Library’s big spring and fall book sales there is an ongoing sale located on the Library’s Main Floor. Most fiction and non-fiction books are priced at $2.50 to $3.00, however there are often vintage or collectible books that would make great gifts. These are just a few of our current offerings: The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night; a Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments (Complete 16-volume set of 10 volumes plus 6 supplemental volumes) privately Read More +

Reference: Have You Seen QR Code Signs Lately?

Quick Response codes – QR codes for short – are cropping up all over the place. A QR code is a special type of barcode that can be read with an image scanner, such as the camera on your mobile device, with a QR reader application. The device scans the code and takes you to more information, perhaps a website or other content. You’ll find QR codes all over the Meadville Public Library. We’ve added them in the stacks and on bookmarks in the Children’s Read More +

Your Library: Working to Keep Up With the Internet & Technology

Libraries, like so much else in the age of the Internet, have had to reach out in ways they never imagined even 20 years ago. Meadville Public Library has been exceptionally good at finding creative ways to further its mission and engage the Meadville area community. First, we have a new way for you to give to the library just by making a purchase through Amazon. The company launched a new initiative, Amazon Smile, which will donate a percentage of your purchase to MPL. Register Read More +