The Meadville Public Library is located at 848 North Main Street. Directions to get to the Library are as follows:

Approaching from I-79 South, proceed to Exit 36A Meadville. This will automatically put you on Route 322 heading towards Meadville. Go straight, and after the traffic light, you will go over a large bridge. At the bottom of the bridge, 322 veers to the left and an exit continues straight. Continue to go straight until you reach the traffic light. At the traffic light turn right and go straight for two blocks until you get to a stop sign. At this intersection, turn left onto Main Street and continue to go straight until you are at the city park called the Diamond. The Library is on the opposite side of the park, so proceed around the park and at the very end of the park you will see a large brick building which was the Junior High School. Immediately across the street is another brick building which is the Meadville Public Library. Parking is available all around Diamond Park.

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